Guaranteed Winners with LottoRace.

Think lottery & bingo combined! Tournaments & instant play numbers games.

Player picks numbers from a pool – e.g. 7 from 77 and enters the game with a limited number of other players. The numbers are drawn and the first three players to have all their numbers picked win the prizes – usually a share of the entry fees after deduction of a house margin (operator can set the rake).

Live player leaderboard during draw.

New games starting every minute or so (as required).

Unlimited configurations of pools of numbers and price point.

Choose from a suite of different games.

Very engaging and fun for mobile especially.

Guaranteed winners in every game.


“LOT.TO gives us everything we need to operate our business at our fingertips.”

— Yomi A., CEO of Western Lotto

“Lottery is the ideal product for acquisition. You can leverage someone else’s marketing and players love the huge jackpots.”

— Dave E., IG

“Lottery games have great margins, much better than sportsbook. Offering them on our site is a no-brainer.”

— Kim, 108Bet