Don’t go the way of the Dinosaurs…

Remember the dinosaurs?

The super powerful behemoths of their time. Creatures whose size meant they dominated for hundreds of millions of years (Mesozoic Era).

Then something happened…a boom. A shift. A rapid change.

Suddenly the dinosaurs weighty, all-consuming make-up meant that they were no longer suited to the environment.

They were too slow, too cumbersome and too big to survive.

Instead, faster, more agile creatures took over (mammals and birds). Ones who could rapidly evolve to the changing ecosystem.

Well, for many years now, the Lottery Market has been dominated by the dinosaurs.

But the ecosystem is changing.

Gone are the days where operators are prepared to feed the beast and stump up for big, costly, excessive hardware. Or settle for slow deployment times, rigid legacy systems and painful integrations.

It’s now a mobile-first, content rich world. Where speed and agility is everything.

The Lottery Market is entering the end of the Cretaceous Period.

The dinosaurs will soon be killed off.

In their place, smaller, more dynamic, more agile enablers like us will emerge. Ones that can adapt to the ecological changes.

The age of the dinosaur will soon be over. A huge extinction is coming.

Don’t get caught out. It’s time for you to fly.

Come and see how our cloud-based iLottery software works for you at the ICE Totally Gaming show at London’s Excel (6-8 Feb).

Book a meeting with us at our LOT.TO stand N9-206.

Hey, we can even spot some real-life dinosaurs together too!

Hope to see you there.

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