Thai Lotto Set to Become Latest National Lottery to Move Online

Thailand’s Government Lottery Office (GLO) will decide in July whether to recommend offering online lottery sales for the first time.

Could Thailand’s national lottery go online?

Under the proposed plans, the number of tickets for each draw on the nation’s uniquely complex national lottery game will be increased from 90 million¬† to 100 million. The 80 baht (¬£2) price of each ticket would remain unchanged for online and retail sales.


Thailand is a nation of contrasts. Online lottery will be a big move for the South Asian nation.


Online lottery sales on Thai Lotto are expected to use the same basic infrastructure as the existing app used by licensed lottery agents. Players will be able to set up an online account, manage payments and check their lottery numbers online.

Due to the unique nature of the Thai national lottery game, compared to a traditional 6/49-style lottery for example, it is unlikely that an off-the-shelf solution would be available.

Thai online lotto will be decided by the government

The GLO board, led by Colonel Boonsong Jansisri, is currently considering the plans for an online lottery launch and is expected to deliver its recommendation to the Thai government soon so that a final decision on the future of the official Thai national lottery can be made.


Thousands of Thai Lotto players would use the online lottery site.


It is unclear whether the current interim government will take the final decision or wait until a permanent administration is in place. Thailand has been without a full-term government since elections in March 2019.

Thai Lotto is not the only national lottery going online

If Thai Lotto does offer online lottery sales, it will join a global trend. Many countries are embracing the opportunities offered by online lotto sales, including many US states. Countries like the UK, Spain and Australia already offer their official national lottery games online.

The challenge any country faces when moving national lottery sales online is to get the right platforms in place, offering safe and secure orders and payment processing. This is a challenge being face not only by Thailand, but also by US states such as Massachusetts, where the current lottery platform used for retail sales has been described as outdated and inconvenient.

For this reason, many official national lottery operators are partnering up with established iLottery platform providers, such as LOT.TO, to build their online lotto infrastructure. Often it makes more sense to build a whole new combined online and retail platform, as opposed to grafting web sales onto a legacy retail network.






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