The Coming of Age of Online Lotto

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At the beginning of the 2010s, online lottery remained a niche industry. While it was played by millions, the vast majority of global sales were still based on the land-based retail model, selling paper tickets for local or national lottery games.

Fast forward seven years and a revolution has overtaken the $279.9 billion global lottery industry. The outdated image of every online lottery being a scam has given way to almost universal acceptance as players move online in search of bigger prizes – US$1.58 billion on US Powerball anyone? – and better odds.

So, what happened? To some extent it was part of a wider trend towards online retail, with all generations spending big money online. It was also due to the emergence of licensed, locally-based operators, advertising on TV with big-name stars, which gave players the peace of mind they needed.

Playing international lotteries is not a new concept, in fact the late British comedian Bob Monkhouse was a long-time fan. What has changed is the perception of these games and the way they are marketed online. Games like the UK’s Lotto struggle to compete with regular mega jackpots on the richest US games, all of which receive extensive media coverage around the world.

The industry got wise to scammers and fought them head on, admitting the problem and showing customers how to ensure their tickets were genuine. As lotto lovers began to see big prizes paying out, the word got around, and more players joined the party.

Traditional lotteries are also unlikely to offer features like syndicate play, which is a major selling point in itself, giving more tickets and more chances for less cash. Awareness of this methods was also boosted by The Syndicate, a drama that aired on BBC1 from 2012 to 2015.

In 2017, the sector came full circle when a new Nigerian national lottery site was launched, powered by LOT.TO, a UK-based and licensed online lottery business. British technology and knowhow leads the world in the delivery of successful online lottery platforms, giving players access to the richest games and the best odds, with draws every day of the week.

Now, LOT.TO is pushing forward with partnerships and joint ventures across the globe, bringing online lottery to whole new markets while also beating the established market leaders at their own game. If you represent an existing gaming brand looking to get into lottery, or a brand-new operator in search of a white label solution, look no further. Call us today on +44 (0)20 3858 0363

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