UK Online Lottery Sales Hit Record Levels


The official UK national lottery has reported record online sales for 2018-19, reflecting the continued growth of online lottery games around the world.

Online lottery sales are growing more than 10% a year

UK lottery operator Camelot reported an almost 10% increase in online sales, with total revenues from the UK Lotto game, other lotteries and online games amounting to £1.83 billion, a jump of £181.3 million on the previous financial year.

Even more interesting was the jump in sales on mobile devices, which was almost 35%, accounting for over £1 billion of the total revenue. This demonstrates the continuation of a long-term trend that has seen mobile devices replace desktop computers as the dominant medium for playing online lottery.


South America is expected to be a major driver of online lottery growth between now and 2025.


The trend towards diversification also continued, with sales of scratchcards hitting £3.1 billion, a £290 million increase, as customer move away from the traditional 6/49-style draws towards instant play games.

iLottery growth is a global phenomenon

With iLottery online sales around the world expected to hit $89 billion by 2025, the growth experienced by the official national lottery in the UK is in line with international expectations. Overall, growth from 2013-18 averaged between eight and 13 percent annually, with these figures expected to be eclipsed by future growth.

Although online lottery sales in the UK and Europe will continue to grow, Africa and South America are the major growth markets for internet lotto sales currently, with the USA expected to explode once state lotteries move online and private lottery companies enter the market.

The USA will drive growth in online lotto sales in the 2020s


The opening up of the American market will drive rapid online lottery growth in the world’s largest economy.


Right now, the largest US state lotteries offering online lotto sales are in Florida, California and New York, plus a handful of smaller states. With over 40 US states offering no online lottery sales at all, including huge population centres like Texas. the potential for iLottery growth in the USA is obvious.

Back in the UK, we can expert further growth and diversification of the online lottery market, with Camelot continuing to grow online sales, along with private operators such as the Health Lottery, the People’s Postcode Lottery and lottery betting sites.









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