Why Hyper-Local Lotteries are Missing a Trick

It seems that UK councils are setting up their own local lotteries in a bid to raise much-needed revenue following years of government cuts, but are they missing a trick?

Public sector news site Room151 reports that 18 local authority lotteries have been set up since August 2016, following on from Aylesbury Vale District Council in 2015, which launched the first game of this type in 2015.

With the rapid growth of the lottery market, it’s no surprise that councils are going down this route, although we have to wonder if they’re missing out on an opportunity. Most lotto lovers are interested in the big money prizes, which is why sales of traditional local games, such as the football club matchday lottery, have declined in recent years, while global lottery sales have gone off the charts.

These lotteries clearly have a value in helping to support local causes that might otherwise have missed out due to budget cuts, and Aylesbury has raised over £120,000 in two years. With the chance to win larger jackpots, making these local games a viable alternative to Lotto and other national lottery games, the potential for ticket sales and fundraising would rise exponentially.

If you’re a local council, charity or organisation looking to raise funds via a lottery, there is an alternative to the traditional low-jackpot, locally licensed game. LOT.TO can offer you a ready-made lottery package, licensed by the Gambling Commission, with multi-million pound jackpot prizes and guaranteed payouts.

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